Bath Soap
Bath Soap is widely used for bathing purpose. It properly cleanse and washes the body along with giving a refreshing feeling. Our offered product provides a smooth texture and glow.
Body Powder
Body Powder has a cooling effect which keeps the body refreshed all day long. It has soothing fragrance which prevents odors. Our offered product keeps the body dried up as well.
Cooking Oil
Cooking Oil is known for its excellent consistency, maximum purity and health benefits. As the name suggests, this product is used for cooking purpose. It is also utilized for deep frying different types of food items.
Detergent Powder and Bar
Detergent Powder is used for washing clothes and other textile items such as garments, pillow covers, bedsheets, handkerchiefs etc. It does not make the fabric harsh or rough even after multiple washes.
Flour is used for making chapatis and several other food items. It is free from any kind of adulterants and packed in a properly sealed packets. This product is extremely nutritional, easy to eat and digest.
Grain Daliya
Grain Daliya is known for its high nutritional values and several benefits. It is usually given to the patients in order to provide them energy. This product contains a high level of fiber and protein content.
Indian Masala Powder
Indian Masala Powder is used for making gravies and providing them a thick consistency. It is also good for adding aroma as well as flavor to the dishes, cuisines etc.
Rice is acclaimed for its long grains, purity and adulterant free nature. It is utilized for making different types of delicious dishes such as biryani, kheer, pulao and many more.
Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves are widely praised for their less caffeine content and antioxidants properties. These are known their refreshing properties which keeps the body hydrated as well as refreshed.
Toilet Cleaning Products
Toilet Cleaning Products are used for cleaning bathroom floors, seats etc. These are helpful in keeping everything free from germs or bacteria along with providing a good fragrance.

Toothpaste and Powder
Toothpaste and Powder is used for cleaning teeth and getting rid of germs as well as bad breathe. It is accurate in composition, highly pure and non toxic which makes it safe to use.